Gardening assistance

For the most part, I do a job for someone, get paid, book them again for next time, and move onto the next job.   This is fine.  Many of my clients I don’t even see and there’s a couple I’ve never even met.

I do have some clients though who are so appreciative of the work I do for them.  Yes I get paid for (most of) what I do, and I need this to live, but it is so rewarding knowing that I’ve made a difference to someone’s life, and helped them enjoy their gardens.

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October gardening tip

Well it’s the middle of October and middle of spring, and in Melbourne there is so much that you can do in your garden at this time of year.

It’s a great time to feed your lawns, being sure to use a fertiliser suitable for your lawn type.  Also a great time to sow a new lawn (as I did this morning) or oversow an existing lawn.  (rainfall in Melbourne can be a lot or a little, especially in this changing climate for which we live in, so be sure to that your new lawns are watered well).

For the home vegie growers, now is a great time to be planting a whole range of things – beans, beetroot, sprouts, cabbages, carrots, celery, cucumbers, eggplants, herbs, leeks, lettuce, spring onions, parsnips, pumpkins, potatoes (tubers), radishes, rhubarb, silverbeet, sweet corn, tomatoes, zucchinis and numerous other vegies that I don’t like

There is a huge number of flowers that can be sowed or planted at this time of year.  While possibly a little too many to mention here, my general rule of thumb is that if I can get a plant at a nursery (as compared to hardware stores/supermarkets etc), then it should be ok to plant – taking into account positioning of the plant(s), watering, soils, other surrounding plants etc.

Also coming into summer, it is a good idea to ensure that your gardens are suitably mulched, a) it looks great, b) helps prevent moisture loss through evaporation, c) helps prevent weeds.  Also begin watering gardens again.  Don’t let your plants start to wilt before watering.  A good soaking a couple of times a week is much more beneficial that light more regular sprinkling.  This will encourage a much deeper root growth, and maintains soil moisture better.  I light sprinkling, only encourages plants to remain shallow rooted.  If you have a watering system, then test it out, you may not have had it operating during winter.  Make sure all the sprinkler heads or drip lines are not blocked.

By now, you’ve probably also noticed a great deal of weeds throughout your gardens.  This can be a bit overwhelming.  If so, rather than hand weeding your entire garden, hand weed a perimeter around all plants, and then use a weed spray.  If spraying weeds, best to not do it on windy days, and this can cause the poison to travel to other plants and most weed killers are non-selective, ie, they’ll kill anything that where the foliage is exposed to the poison.

That should do for now.  Get out and enjoy the sunshine

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“Choisya” – A great spring/summer fragrant plant

Choisya, is an evergreen shrub with clusters of white very aromatic flowers, flowering in spring/summer.  This plant will grow 1-2 metres high, and is a great fast growing hedge.

Plant in full sun, with protection from the wind.  After flowering, prune to encourage a more dense growth.  This plant has some yellowing of it’s leaves, so an application of “iron chelate” will help to solve this problem.

A small evergreen shrub, with very aromatic clusters of flowers

A small evergreen shrub, with very aromatic clusters of flowers

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Hedge pruning


Pruned lilly pilly’s into balls, pruned English box hedge (below)

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Hedge pruning


Pruned a ficus hedge, and English box hedge

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Hedge trimming

Turned a square hedge, into balls balled hedge

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Lawn fertilising




This is the perfect time of year for fertilising your lawns

Choose a fertiliser suitable for your lawn type.  Best time to do it, is when it’s raining, however if you don’t wish to get wet, then make you sure you water in well after applying.  Apply if possibly using a spreader, but ensure you spread at required rate.

If you need to ‘weed n feed’ then special note of the product that you are using, on the wrong lawn types this can be detrimental.  Best time to apply this is when grass is wet/damp.

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